Using Tarot Reading to Connect to Your Spirit Guide

Using Tarot Reading to Connect to Your Spirit Guide

tarot readings tarot reading online spirit guide by trugiaz

A tarot reading online can help connect you with your spirit guide. Photo by trugiaz

The primary purpose of emissaries from the spiritual realm is to Shepard their human counterparts on their journey toward spiritual progress, ultimately arriving at the pinnacle of spiritual awareness. They operate at a frequency beyond normal human’s ability to detect. Nevertheless, they are our tutors in matters of the spirit, as well as our guardians, maintaining a protective vigil over us as we navigate the minefield of physical pleasures that would derail our quest of complete spiritual awareness – a great site!

Tarot Reading – Direct connection to your Guide

Would that establishing a direct connection with these spiritual emissaries easy for everyone with free online tarot reading! Yet, there are some, psychics and mediums, which are so gifted that they can make contact with their spirit-guides seemingly at-will. Sadly, though, most of us have yet to discover this ability hidden within our subconscious. Or, having once possessed it—perhaps in our youth—have long since buried it, deep beneath layers of logic and pragmatism. And, a blind rejection of that which cannot be readily perceived with the five senses.  That’s why tarot reading can help – like a third eye!

Tarot Reading and the Sixth Sense

But, there is a sixth sense; and it is not the product of someone’s imagination. It is an extrasensory perception that lies beyond the walls of reason and logic; beyond the five senses (Sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste) that humans have become so dependent upon. Once you learn to tune into your own sixth sense and trust in it, your ability to channel that power will increase and your ability to tap into it will become easier. Belief is the first step in establishing psychic contact with your own spirit-guide or guides. Yes; you could have multiple spirit-guides watching over you who are deeply interested in your physical and spiritual development.  Through tarot reading or psychic reading, you can establish that connection.

Increasing Your Awareness Through Tarot Reading

tarot reading tarot readings spirit guide psychic reading by Cayusa

A tarot reading can reveal your spirit guide in it’s spirit form. Photo by Cayusa

If you are interested in connecting with your own spirit-guide, you must first increase your knowledge of psychic awareness through tarot reading. Basically what this means learning to trust your instincts—listening to that inner voice and heeding its wisdom. For example, when you intuit strong vibes about a person, decision, or situation, trust that instinct and follow it faithfully. The more you practice this technique, your instincts will become honed and fortified and your confidence in them will increase, creating, in turn, a clearer path toward increased psychic energy and spiritual awareness.  Check it out!

The Groundwork Using Tarot Reading

Once the groundwork is complete using tarot reading, you will be ready to go about the business of contacting your spirit-guide. Making contact is easier when you are relaxed and comfortable and your mind is receptive. So find a quiet, secluded place where you are less likely to be disturbed. Then, relax, take a few deep breaths, and let your mind clear. If there is a meditation you favor, then feel free to use it to prepare yourself before the free tarot readings.

When you have fully prepared yourself, you may greet your spirit-guide either silently, or verbally. At first, you may feel a little silly—sort of like talking to an empty room. But, as the connection with your spirit-guide grows stronger, you’ll become more comfortable with it. But, remember to be patient. Your first attempt may not be successful. Just keep trying until you get the hang of it.

Eventually, you’ll be able to feel the unmistakable presence of your spirit-guide. Some people even experience a physical sensation when the moment of truth arrives. It can manifest itself in many ways: Sometimes as a touch, sometimes as a gentle breeze. And sometimes as an electro-static hum. When you finally sense the unmistakable presence of your spirit-guide, express your gratitude with a welcoming salutation. Even though this may be the first conscious contact you’ve ever made with your spirit-guide, this trusted and beloved friend has been by your side longer than you realize.

For some, establishing contact with their spirit-guide is like meditation: They pose a question—either silently or aloud—then wait for the answer. Others prefer automatic writing—the subconscious writing that allows the spirit-guide’s words to be manifested on the page via the writer’s hand. Both these methods require patience, openness, and a lot of practice. But, remember to rid your mind of any reservations you may have about not making contact with your spirit-guide on the first attempt. Keep trying until you succeed. But, above all remain open minded and trusting. Trust your spirit-guide to present itself, and trust yourself to be receptive enough to receive guidance.

Messages from Spirit Guides through Tarot Reading

Therefore, when you perceive a message and you’re not entirely sure of its source, don’t dismiss it off-hand, even if it is unintelligible. This is important because even though you may be seeking the answer to a particular topic, your spirit-guide may inform you about something entirely. So, accept whatever comes to you. Or better yet, commit it to paper for later reference. Though it may not make sense right now, the message through tarot reading may be extremely relevant in the near future.

As time goes by, you may become so Familiar with your spirit-guide that you learn specific information about your spirit-guide such as its name, mission, and why he has chosen you to watch over and protect. Everyone has a destiny and your spirit-guide is there to guide you along your path. Bear in mind, however, your spirit-guide has multiple ways of communicating with you throughout your daily life, so pay attention to those little coincidences and synchronicities that seemingly come out of the blue. For, they could very well be messages from your spirit-guide, trying to bestow upon you some deeper wisdom through tarot reading.

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