Tarot Love Reading – The Meaning of the Star

Tarot Love Reading – The Meaning of the Star

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Seeing a Star card in a tarot love reading can mean many things. Pic by Wikipedia

In the world of Tarot readings concerning love, the Star card is the card of hope. It is also the symbol of faith, inspiration, and optimism. Whenever there are new opportunities to pursue strong dreams and desires, the Star card will appear in a tarot love reading. Also if you are in the process of bouncing back from a painful relationship, the Star signifies healing and renewal. Relief will be on the way.  So it is definitely a good card to have appear in a tarot love reading.

Star Card in a Tarot Love Reading

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Take time to heal after seeing the Star in a tarot love reading. Photo by ancingtarot

The Star Tarot card reminds you to seek out your inner light and intuition to find guidance and encouragement through a tarot cards reading. The Star represents divine light, a higher mind, and universal knowledge. During a tarot love reading the Star stands out as a call to connect again with the Divine Spirit. She invites you to dig deep into your inner resources to achieve your fullest potential. Above all she is reminding you to not give up hope.  Sometimes, it’s all too easy to give up on hope and give up on love because we have been hurt or betrayed before.

Tarot Love Reading and the Star

Concerning love tarot readings, the Star might be a sign for mended relationships. For those who have been struggling in a relationship, it may begin to turn around and get better. Although things may currently be rough, there is hope for you to work past obstacles.  Remember that no matter how big an obstacle may look, there is always a way over it, under it, around it or through it.  Never give up!  That’s what the Star card reminds us – or at least, one of the things it reminds us!

Healing Through a Tarot Love Reading

Taking time and space so that you can heal after a recent break up, or even an older one, is vitally important. Often times becoming your own star can be effective. Begin to establish behaviors that build up your esteem and confidence. You might need time to just work on you. View it as an opportunity to discover inner peace and balance. Know that if you seek out new relationships, you will find a new person. The Star can be seen as a promise that you alone have the ability to fulfill your own desires and goals.

Whether you are single or beginning a new relationship, the Star Tarot card signifies love based on a deep spiritual connection. Don’t be surprised to feel some butterflies since the relationship is promising and has the potential to last. For those with a history of bad relationships, a new one could be the therapy that you need with a tarot love reading.

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