Self Development – What’s Holding you Back?

Self Development – Discover What’s Holding you Back?

Have you often heard it being said that once you are clear on what you want, it would manifest itself easily? Well, that is a manifestation myth I would like to refute. One fact that needs to be known is that every challenge that could prevent your goal from materializing is bound to crop- the chief of them being your limiting beliefs. Then you at that point in time, you discover that you have one foot on the gas pedal and one foot on the brakes.
Below is an easy process you can follow in order to discover and remove any limiting beliefs that might be hindering you:
Revealing Mixed Messages (RMM) Process

Keys to Self Development

  1. Clarify: Be very clear on what it is you want to manifest and then write it down.
  2. Observe: In as much detail as possible, visualize have everything you wrote down. Work with all your senses of sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste. Find out how you feel at all times, including your thoughts whether negative or positive.
  3. Brainstorm: take a sheet of paper and divide it into two equal columns. At the top of one column, write the word positive, and on the other column, negative.Then list every thought(whether positive or negative) that crossed your mind when you visualized your success. It does not matter if it seems so absurd- record each in the appropriate column.
  4. Reveal: all that is recorded in the positive column asserts your success strongly, while any negative thoughts recorded is a limiting belief that could hinder your success if not adequately addressed. The good news is that once you have knowledge, you become liberated! So, the first thing to do is to read through the list of limiting beliefs. Observe any feelings you have as you do so.
  5. Question: Go through the negative column and ask yourself if any of those limiting beliefs are actually true. Be very honest! Often times, when we focus our attention on those beliefs that could limit us, we find out that they are not even true. These are things that we assumed, but never had the patience to determine its factual relevance. These untrue beliefs should be deleted from the list.
  6. Formulate: it is interesting to note that although some of the thoughts and beliefs that hold people back are actually true, there are steps that can be taken to ameliorate the effect it would have on you. Take a close look at the conflicting beliefs that seem true to you and ask yourself this pertinent question: “what can I do to completely eliminate or reduce the impact of these limiting belief on me”. Write down whatever ideas come into your mind. This part is best done with the help of a personal coach to guide you.
  7. Plan: From the ideas you generated in step 6, make a basic plan that would help you deal with the problems you have identified. Having this system in place would provide the necessary push to move forward and conquer every negative belief that presents itself. If you are having problems with this step, it is best to enlist the help of a coach, friend, or an accountability partner, who would help keep you on track.
  8. When problems come your way that seeks to throw you off or goes against your vision, you don’t need to make a big deal about it. Do not let it unsettle you. Just remind yourself that it is not normal, and try to get back at concentrating on what it is you want as soon as possible.

Self Development Last Words

Always remember that the challenges life presents you with are opportunities to draw close to your manifestation. It is very important to recognize the progress you are making. Realizing that you are making progress gives you hope, makes you enthusiastic, and encourages you to move forward.So, if you ever find yourself stuck and unable to move forward, you might want to give the RMM process a try. The results would astound you!


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