Magick Runes – What Are They?

Magick Runes – What Are They?

magick runes rune stones runestones by Nathaniel_U

Magick runes, rune stones and runestones trace their origins back many centuries. Photo by Nathaniel_U

Runes, which make up magick runes, are a form of the alphabet that predates most religions. Runes are a language that use straight lines to make a series of different marks. There are a few different legends that tell the origins of Runes. One legend has them originating in Northern Europe, and it says that the Runes are a version of the Old Norse language. Scandinavians stopped using the language around 700AD. Another legend has the origins being a part of the Etruscan written language. This is associated with the written script history of the Vikings. Runes can be found written on Vikings’ tools, weapons, brooches, and gravestones.  In fact, in many countries there are large rocks or monuments containing runes scattered throughout the land.

Why Are They Called Magick Runes?

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Magick Runes is the name that is used to refer to Runes today. The yare found on tombstones, sticks, etc. If you use Runes as a script, you can have as few as 16 runes and as many as 33 runes in a script. The number is dependent on the script. The lines in runes can symbolize water, ice, hail, sun, warrior, cartwheel, horse, etc. There is really no limit to what you can say with Runes.  In a way, these runes are sort of like the tarot cards in a free tarot reading love.  Each has a unique meaning.

Uses for Magick Runes

There is another use for Magick Runes. They can be used as a tool in rituals. For example, you can use them in a wedding ceremony. The Rune Stone Ceremony, the Rose Ceremony and The Sand Ceremony are wedding celebrations that use the Magick Runes.  They are also used in a variety

Magick Runes for Divination

Runes used in divination is the most common modern use for it. If you use this to divine, you have to be very delicate. You need to learn all the meanings of each rune. This is only the beginning of your lessons in runes. Next you have to do visualization and word association exercises on a daily basis.

Ways to Use Magick Runes

You can use different methods of divination when you use runes. They are all valid ways to make the most out of runes. However, some runes fit better with a particular method. That’s because the runes and the characteristics of the methods mesh better.
You can usually find runes carved into wood, clay or stone because they work better for laying them down . You can read the markings as you do Tarot cards. You can make your own runes and use them for your rituals. Just remember to keep a journal so you can write down how the runes guide you. Runes are fun. You should find your inner Norse god and give magick runes a try.

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