Halloween – It’s Mystic Connection

Halloween and it’s Mystic Connection

Halloween Tree

Halloween and It’s Mystic Connection. By: Heather Franks

Halloween is a special night preceding All Hallows day on November 1st and is considered as one of the magical nights for centuries. But do you know the true story behind Halloween? Where does its origins really lie?

Dark and Light

As is commonly, believed Halloween night is a night of darkness and power and most vulnerable as it has a very thin divide which separates our world from the other world. It is commonly believed in the western world that there is a spiritual connection present on this particular night.

Ancestor Worship?

Halloween is a celebration worldwide and it is a ceremony honoring our ancestors. It is commonly believed in the western world that Halloween is a time of the year when the divide is at its thinnest and you can see the other side of life.
Very few of us have an actual insight about the origin of Halloween. The origin of the word dates back to 1745 AD and dedicates to Christianity. The customs and rituals are thought to have originated from the ancient Celtic Christianity. It is also said that this day onsets the period of darkness as the severe winters set in. The history goes back to the 16 century for Ireland and Scotland where this festival was celebrated by disguising oneself and painting or blackening their faces and going from house to house reciting hymns in exchange of food. Some of the youths used to indulge in mischief if they were not welcomed.

Gaelic and Welsh Traditions

The Gaelic and Welsh regions households included festivities which included ritual and games with focus on the divine power. Nuts and apples were commonly used for this occasion and bonfires lit to invoke psychic presence of spirits. Austria, England, Ireland have households where burning candles are kept in each room to get the mystic spirits to visit their earthly abode.

Halloween and Christian Festivals

Halloween occurs on the evenings before the Christian festivities and these practices are much influenced by Christianity.
Modern times have given way to parties where kids dress up like action heroes and are more of a candy fest. Almost all cultures have ceremonies where they honor their dead ones to complete a cycle of birth and death. As Halloween approaches, remember to light candles with the importance of the time, the psychic mystic connection and a time to remember those who are no more on this earth, our loved ones. This is a simple gesture of showing our love and gratitude to the departed souls to light their way back home.

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