Getting a Pendulum Reading

Getting a Pendulum Reading

Pendulum Reading by Caroline

Pendulum Reading by Caroline

A pendulum reading can provide you with a lot of information. Many people have used this type of reading with little experience. With lots of practice and a little patience you will be able to better understand what a pendulum reading can do for you.  While not good for everything – let’s face it, sometimes you need an old fashioned love tarot reading instead – they can do quite a bit!

What is a pendulum reading used for?

A pendulum reading is a simply way of getting a yes or no type of answer when it comes to questions you may have. When it comes to this type of reading you will need to have a pendulum in order to get the answers you need.

Pendulums can be bought. They can also be made to suit your taste. A pendulum can be made with a weight that is attached to a string, ribbon, silk, or rope. When it comes to the weight of the pendulum it can be made of various materials that have weight to it such as copper, brass, glass, and wood.

What is a pendulum reading?

A pendulum reading is simple yet it bursts with answers! When preparing to use your pendulum it is important to calibrate your device. You should sit in a relaxed position that is free of interference and free of various distractions. Your pendulum should be able to swing a few inches from a table.

You should start the exercise to verify which way the pendulum will swing when it comes to a yes or a no answer. This may take a little time, concentration, and relaxation in order to achieve results. You should also stay still and allow the pendulum to move. Once you have mastered this part of the exercise you will be able to move onto the next step.

Your pendulum may swing in different direction than another persons. Everyone may have different results on what yes or what no will mean to them. Some pendulums may swing back and forth across a person’s body. While another person’s pendulum may swing back and forth away from them.

What is a pendulum reading? A pendulum reading is about getting answers although…

Unfortunately many people will not get the answers they need when it comes to psychics. A psychic reading can be confusing when answers are being told in riddles and messages that do not make sense to the one getting the reading. With that type of reading from a psychic people will often leave disappointed and their questions will go unanswered.

Keep your questions close ended. This will give you a yes or a no answer.

Take time to prepare your questions before your reading begins. You should also be relaxed and free of distractions when you are having a reading. Take the time to stay focused on your personal feelings and thoughts about what you would like answered.

What is a good pendulum reading?

A pendulum reading is not a miracle waiting to happen. A good pendulum reading may take time and lots of practice in order to master the results that you after. You will also know when your pendulum is actually working as you will be able to feel the vibration and the energy from the pendulum itself. Once you have achieved this your pendulum will be able to to answer any questions you may have.

Let the energy through!

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