Review – Left Behind

Review of the movie “Left Behind”

Recently, Left Behind starting by Nicholas Cage was released in theaters as a paranormal/religious inspired film. Well, this movie is based on spiritual power and the religious belief. This is an amazing story for bible believers, and every pure Christian must watch the same. The targeted audiences of this film must have proper faith in Christianity and bible otherwise they will find no interest. Cage’s performance in this rapture movie is not up to the mark, but the movie got nominated for Oscar for the theme of the story.

In this movie, Cage played the role of an airline pilot who did not have any faith in the bible but his wife is very much religious and used to follow Bible sincerely. This is the main point of conflict in between them, and the relationship gap went on increasing so badly that the husband got involved in extra-marital affair. Vic Armstrong is the director of this movie and he tried to reveal a strong message for the bible believer all across this globe. This message is highly useful in strengthening the religious beliefs of the Christians.

Lea Thompson played the role of his wife who has high religious faith, and her character had been portrayed in a perfect manner within the movie. Paul Lalonde wrote the script for this movie, but the audiences expected a lot more from the movie dialog for strengthening the theme. The film starts with the wishing of dad’s birthday at the weekends by Chloe, who was the daughter of the plot in the movie. The brief conversation between Chloe and her dad at the airport was quite impressive and from there you can easily drag the final summary of the story. This movie is all about the survival or existence of the entire family.

You can also extract a fair idea from the movie that God is always present beside all his followers and thus you must stick to your faith strongly. When the sin volume increases n earth, god always calls all his followers before the earth gets destroyed. Thus, you must have form determination that you must not leave your trust on god as god has definitely got proper planning for you. On the other side of the story, you will find that you must not break your marriage vows for any third person otherwise you will never be bake to maintain your relationship for a long period.

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