Love Tarot Reading – The Strength Card

Love Tarot Reading – The Strength Card

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You Might shout for joy if you see the Strength Card in a Love Tarot Reading! Picture from

Tarot reading is an old practice that dates back centuries ago. Many civilizations used Tarot to help predict the future so they could prepare for famine, war and disease. Today, Tarot is used for more personal reasons such as finding out love or career advice. When you have a love Tarot reading, you might shout for joy if your Tarot reader flips the Strength Tarot card.  But let’s delve into exact why you might be shouting for joy in your love Tarot reading!

The Strength Card in Love Tarot Reading

The Strength Tarot card represents the wild and passionate sides of ourselves. When it is flipped during a love Tarot reading, it is predicting that you will have a fiery and exciting relationship that is based on strong bonds and strong unions that can make this relationship last for eternity. This could mean that it will be a long lasting relationship in this lifetime, but it could also mean it will last into the next lifetime as well.

Historic meaning of Strength Card in a Love Tarot Reading

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The Strength card can also symbolize compassion in a love tarot reading. Photo by dancingtarot

The historical meaning of the Strength card refers to a person’s inner strength that can is developed through being able to master unconscious impulses. When a Strength card is flipped during a love Tarot reading, it is suppose to remind you that you need to balance your thinking processes with your primal desires. This balance will result in inner harmony. Your inner harmony should be your source of strength that can be used throughout your life. It represents how we can use our inner power without having to put force behind it. In other words, you can used your innate drives, but you do not have to be controlled by them.

Compassion Revealed in a Love Tarot Reading

In love Tarot readings, the Strength card can also refer to our compassion. Compassion is the key to helping a relationship flourish. When you see to your partner’s needs, your partner is more likely to make a conscious decision to see to your needs. Other attributes of the Strength card during a love Tarot reading include kindness, diplomacy and neutrality. Depending on its placement in the spread, the Strength card can warn you against exhibiting explosive behavior or making explosive demands.  Read more about it!

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The modern interpretation of the card stresses discipline and control. The lion represents the primal or id-like part of the mind, and the woman, the ‘higher’ or more elevated parts of the mind. The card tells the Querent to be wary of base emotions and impulse. For example, in The Chariot card, the Querant is fighting a battle. The difference is that in Strength, the battle is mainly internal rather than external.

Sexuality, attraction and vitality can also be determined with the Strength Tarot card. In a love Tarot reading, it can indicate that there will be extreme passion in a new relationship. Through this passionate relationship, you will help you become aware of your own sexuality.  That’s one of the main reasons it is good to see the Strength card in a online tarot reading or love tarot reading!

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