Love Tarot Reading – What Does The Hierophant Mean?

Love Tarot Reading – What Does The Hierophant Mean?

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Do you know what the hierophant card means in a tarot reading. Photo by imeleven

If you are looking for a sense of purpose, you should get a love Tarot reading. The Hierophant Tarot Card is a representative of the wise teacher. When you see this card flipped in your spread, it is there to help encourage you to find meaning in your life. The spirits use the wise teacher to help give you guide you in finding your on ethical system and traditional values. He also represents your need to have spiritual principles interwoven into your every day life. The Hierophant also stands for the values of religion and theology. When the card represents this, it is to encourage you to find humility and practicality. The main job of the Hierophant Tarot Card in a love reading is to keep us rooted in our basic principles of common decency.

Hierophant in a Love Tarot Reading

In a love Tarot reading, the Hierophant card represents the traditional, practical and socially acceptable relationships in our lives such as marriage and family in tarot card reading. When this card is flipped in the spread, it refers to our strong spiritual foundations that keep our unions together. These foundations are using grounded in shared values or belief systems. In a love Tarot reading, the card can also refer to you having a deep connection with your soulmate.

Reverse Hierophant in a Love Tarot Reading

If the Hierophant card is in the reversed position in a love tarot reading, it can represent that your relationship has no flexibility. It is too fixed or bound by rules. You need to let your relationship breath a little. You can do this by breaking a few rules, sharing new feelings or leaving convention behind you. You might need to change your way of thinking to help improve your relationship. When you see Hierophant card in a love Tarot reading it is telling you that you have a wise teach near you, and you need to seek advice from them. You need to open yourself up to new ideas and let them teach you.

Finding a Good Love Tarot Reading Site

Each card in the Tarot can open your eyes to facets of your relationship and search for love or your soul mate using a free love tarot reading. ┬áDon’t be nervous, go ahead and check out some of the many psychic network sites ( great list here ) and get yourself a love tarot reading before Valentine‘s Day this year!

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