Balancing Your Chakras

Learning to Balance Your Chakras

Do you feel like your energy is being sapped away?  Are you tired and lethargic all of the time?  Your Chakras may not be balanced and your energy could be draining away without you knowing about it!  Learn how to balance your Chakras and get your physical and mental energy back!

What are Chakras anyway?

The word Chakra actually has its roots in the Sanskrit word “cakra”, which is actually written as chakra in English.  Some scholars describe cakra has a spinning wheel of light.  They are the light patterns generated by the human body.  There are dozens or hundreds of different colors but there are seven that have been identified as primary energy centers and they are usually associated with certain parts of the body and certain energetic functionality and colors:

  • RED – the first chakra is associated with the color red and is physically located between the anus and the genitals on the human body.  It is often referred to as the root chakra and is energetically associated with stability and security.
  • ORANGE – the second chakra is seen as orange and physically located between the pubic bone and a person’s navel.  It is usually called the sexual chakra and an imbalance can cause many sexual problems.  It is commonly associated with creativity.
  • GREEN – the third chakra, or solar plexus chakra, is physically located just above your navel, below your breastbone.  It is associate with the color green and also the emotion of desire.
  • YELLOW – the fourth chakra is your heart chakra and is physically located in the center of your chest.  It is your energetic source of compassion.
  • BLUE – the fifth chakra is blue – more of a lighter, base blue and is physically in the center of your throat or neck.  Because of this it is often referred to as the throat chakra and deals with your intention to create.
  • INDIGO BLUE – the sixth chakra is a deep indigo blue, almost like a midnight blue.  It is located on your face, in between your eyebrows – slightly above your eyes.  It is sometimes referred to as the third eye chakra and those who have an open sixth chakra are said to have the third eye.  It is the source of intuition.
  • PURPLE – the seventh chakra is the crown chakra and located at the crown of your head.  It is the source of our spiritual connection to the Universe.  It is often purple or a white violet.

What Do Out of Balance Chakras Feel Like?

When your Chakras are out of balance, you will know it – if you know what to look for!  You may feel as if you are stuck in a rut.  It might feel as if you are running in place, never quite getting anywhere or accomplishing what you want.  Your physical health may suffer and if certain chakras are way out of whack, you may experience issues in the part of the body the chakra is located at.  For instance, if your crown chakra is out of balance, you may get severe headaches or if your sexual chakra is out of balance, you may have some sort of sexual dysfunction.  Sometimes, addressing the chakras directly can relieve the related symptons – but always consult a medical doctor for any medical conditions.

Why Balance Your Chakras?

When you are in balance and harmony, you will naturally feel more energy – not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.  When all of our chakras are balanced, we feel mentally clearer and more creative and we bounce back from life’s normal stresses.

How Can You Balance Your Chakras?

So now you know why it’s important to have balanced chakras, but how do you actually do that?  There are many ways and techniques to get yourself in balance.  There are things you can do yourself, like meditation, essentials oils or even sound therapy or crystal therapy – provided you don’t mind the expense of getting the neccessary items – oils, crystals, CDs, etc.  There are also things that you can have done for you, such as massage, Reiki or vibration therapy.

Whichever way you decide to balance your chakras, you should do it regularly to make sure each chakra is balanced and that you are operating at your absolute best!

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