About BearTarot

Leonna Bear

Leonna Bear Portrait Pro by mbelgal

Leonna Bear Portrait Professional Shot by Menka Belgal

Leonna Bear is originally a native of South Carolina but moved to New York when she was 16 and her family relocated.  She has moved around from Brooklyn to Queens and now back to Brooklyn, where she now owns and operates Bear Tarot.  And yes, her last name is Bear, like the big, furry animals that get into your garbage in upstate New York.  But her name actually comes from the German surname Baer on her father’s side.  But the last name was changed sometime in the last 100 years.

Leonna is a gifted psychic who was born with her abilities.  She began manifesting them at a young age and didn’t realize that not everyone knew the same things or could sense the same things she did.  Luckily, her mother found her a great mentor who helped her to develop her abilities and encouraged her to use them to help others.

Nowadays, she owns and operates a small shop in Brooklyn called Bear Tarot – not BARE Tarot, as some people seemed to think! She is fulfilling her life long dream to own her own business and help others using her great gift!

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